August 26, 2008

Is QB question becoming distraction?

Brad Lester can't escape the question.

Whether he's in class or out to eat or meeting with the media, the question of who will be Auburn's starting quarterback seems to always come up. It seems to pop up at the most unexpected times.

"I was even on the phone yesterday calling my bank to see what my account was," Lester said. "'Is this the Brad Lester from Auburn? Who's the starting quarterback?'

"I just wanted to check my balance."

And Lester has the same answer every time he's asked.

"I don't know. They're both about the same," Lester said. "Honestly, I think both of them could go out and start. Both of them are good quarterbacks. We trust both of them."

AU head coach Tommy Tuberville said Tuesday he doesn't plan to name a starter between Kodi Burns and Chris Todd until right before Saturday's opener against Louisiana-Monroe.

"Everybody is fired up trying to find out who that guy is," Tuberville said. "What I'm looking for is leadership and a guy that can control the football team and guys will look up to. If that's both of them, then it will be both of them.

"Sometimes when you have a quarterback battle with two people, a lot of people say, 'You must not have one.' I think this is totally different. I think both these guys have earned the right to play."

With the starting quarterback question put off for a few more days, it brings to light another serious question: Is the unresolved situation at quarterback causing a split on the team?

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