August 21, 2008

Dogs getting excited about game week

Game week is finally getting closer and Mississippi State head coach Sylvester Croom couldn't be happier.

Croom can already feel it and some of the players are beginning to show signs that the season is upon the horizon.

"I just want to see them overall as we approach game week, get that excitement," Croom said. "The excitement about playing the game. It's just a special feeling you get for game week. I think the defense started to pick up on it today."

Croom could not find the words to describe that feeling of game week but he knows it when he sees it. He told his players that he expects to see it when the Bulldogs begin game preparations on Monday.

"I told them when I look in their eyes Monday, I wanted to see a look in their eyes about playing a game," Croom said. "It's not just coming to practice, it's about getting ready for a game. It's different and it's supposed to be different. Right now we are practicing, next week we are getting ready to play a game.

"It's hard to put that into words. But you can see it in a guy's eyes and you can see it in the smile on his face and the way he moves about. And I expect to see that Monday when I see them."

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