June 19, 2008

Explosive end is down to three

One of Georgia's top out-of-state defensive targets made a surprising appearance in Athens recently. Montez Robinson took his first visit to the University of Georgia and the Dawgs are one of his three finalists.

"I got over to Georgia last Friday," said Robinson. "The visit started in the morning and I spent some time with Coach [Rodney] Garner, Coach [Jon] Fabris, and Coach [Mark] Richt."

"They talked to me about the position (defensive end) I would play at Georgia, how I would fit into their system, the academic program, and things like that."

"I spent the most time with Coach Fabris. He took me around and showed me the campus, the facilities, and the academic center. We then watched some film, talked about my position, and about Georgia."

Coach Fabris has outstanding track record at Georgia at producing top defensive ends. He is known for his teaching and intensity. What did Robinson think about the Georgia DE coach?

"I really like Coach Fab," answered Robinson. "He is a high energy guy, he is an honest coach, and he really wants his players to succeed. I had a nice time with him and I think he could be a good coach for me."

When talking with Rodney Garner, Georgia's Recruiting Coordinator/Interior DL Coach, Robinson learned that the numbers are extremely tight at his position in 2009.

"Coach Garner told me that they will only be taking one defensive end this year. He explained to me there situation at my position and he talked to me about how much interest they have in me."

The third coach the 6-foot-5, 235-pound rush end out of Avon (IN) spoke to was Head Coach Mark Richt. Coach Richt usually impressed recruits and he did that again this time.

"He is just a great man. He really cares about his players. I think he wants them to get their degree first and then worry about football second. He told me if I was committed to them and I got hurt in my senior year, then they would definitely still take me."

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