June 7, 2008

Coy, Magee have decisions to make following draft

Two Arizona State prospective student athletes who signed with the school to play sports other than baseball were selected in the Major League Baseball Draft on Friday. Basketball recruit Johnny Coy, went in the 7th round to Philadelphia and football recruit Brandon Magee went in the 29th round to Tampa Bay.

Following his selection, a Phillies official met with members of the Coy family for about an hour on Friday afternoon in his hometown of St. Joseph's, Mo.

Coy is expected to enroll at ASU for the second session of summer school, which begins July 7. Historically, academically eligible prospective student athletes, and especially multi-sport athletes, have greater leverage with negotiating signing bonus money the closer it gets to the enrollment date.

As a result, it is not expected that any decision will be made quickly according to multiple sources familiar with the process. 7th round selections generally make less than $100,000 as a signing bonus. Coy, it would appear, would require significantly more than that in order to sign.

Players reportedly make approximately $1,100 each month on their minor league contract as rookies.

It remains unclear whether the opportunity to play both basketball and baseball at ASU would be available to Coy.

One other factor that works in Coy's favor, however, is a rule that allows players who turn 21 within 45 days of their birthday to be selected in the draft, even if they have only completed their second year of college. Most players are not eligible until after their junior season, but since Coy will turn 19 in July, he will be 21 within 45 days of the 2010 draft.

Also selected on Friday, albeit much later in the day, was Magee, who said he expected to receive a phone call much earlier, and perhaps even on Thursday when the first six rounds were selected.

"I think thinking I'd go in the top five rounds but I think it got out there that I wanted a certain amount of money to sign and I dropped because of that," Magee said. "I wasn't talking to teams about [money] but I think my mom and grandfather were talking some numbers, like $500,000 or something. I think when it got past the rounds where you can make that I just dropped."

Magee finished his final exams earlier this week, and he is set to graduate from Centennial High School in Corona, Calif., on Thursday.

"Oh man, you wouldn't even believe how excited I am about it," Magee said. "It's like, you're moving on to something new. I like that."

Magee is taking the SAT exam on Saturday and he will take the ACT exam later this month in order to be a full academic qualifier for ASU.

"Coach (Matt) Lubick told me that I need like 20 or 40 points more on the SAT to make it, just depending on how my finals grades are," Magee said. "So I'm real close and I know I can do that."

Magee is expected to play both football and baseball at ASU should he qualify and not sign a professional baseball contract.

"I'm just going to do what my heart tells me to do," Magee said. "I didn't get drafted as high as I wanted and I don't know how much money I will be offered. I will just listen to my heart on it."

Magee would also likely enroll for the second summer session at ASU, beginning July 7, unless he signed a baseball contract.

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