May 1, 2008

Browne steps it up

Defensive end Vince Browne drew the biggest "ooh" from the crowd at the spring game on Saturday at Ryan Field when he sacked quarterback Mike Kafka with a thunderous hit.

On that play Browne used what he called a "speed-power" move to get past left tackle Al Netter. He exploded off the ball and charged upfield on the outside of Netter, making the redshirt freshman think that he was going to try to run past him to the quarterback. But then he planted, turned in and drove right through Netter with a power move. Kafka didn't see him coming, and Browne drilled him, driving him into the ground.

The sound of that hit - and the crowd's reaction to it - announced Browne's arrival in the backfield. But it also may have marked his arrival as a Wildcat.

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