April 5, 2008

Love talks hoops

In part two Kevin Love is asked why he is blocking more shots and he has a lot to say about Coach John Wooden. He also talks if he has to play the entire game and a lot more. It is really amazing when you think that Love is only a freshman in college. He is poised long past his years.

Why are you blocking more shots now?

Love: "I can't even tell you why. I'm pursuing blocks than I did earlier in the season. I feel like I can block shots at any time, but against Memphis that's going to be tough to do. I just try to step up and block more shots and Coach Howland doesn't really like me to do that very much because he likes to have me try and get every rebound. I have just been more active and more aggressive on the defensive end as far as blocking shots.

Is that a good thing for the defense to block shots?

Love: "If you know you can get it or you feel you have a pretty good shot at it then it is a tossup, but if you try and go block a shot and miss then guys will go and try and dunk it on the other end and we can't do that against Memphis.

When was the last time you talked to Coach John Wooden?

Love: "I haven't talked to Coach Wooden in awhile but like I have mentioned, and I have been mentioning to everybody all week, we are playing these games and we are going for the 12th national championship for Coach Howland, for the players, for the school, but we are also doing it for Coach Wooden as well.

"I think that people kind of forget that because this is really essentially his program and always will be. We are playing for him (Wooden) and trying to bring it home.

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