April 4, 2008

Kevin Love meets the press

The one amazing thing about AP first-team All-American Kevin Love is his poise for only being a freshman. From day one he has been a media favorite because of his charm and whit. The following interview is an excellent example of how he absolutely disarms the media. This is part one of a two part story.

Is there any one thing that stood out when you knew you were accepted by the team?

Love: "It probably wasn't any one thing. I think my teammates have always liked me for the most part. I just think it has been the consistent play over the season, like I've mentioned before respect is not given it earned and I feel like my teammates respect me and I respect them as well so it's been pretty easy to get along with them.

How long did that process take, to earn their respect?

Love: "It took awhile because once you play in college for awhile, you have been here and arrived. For me it was different, I'm a freshman coming just like everybody else in my class and it is an adjustment period.

Do you even feel bad about like the press conference table everybody is always asking you questions even if Darren Collison has had a 20 point game, everyone is still asking you questions? Do ever feel like hey let's get these other guys involved?

Love: "Yeah, it is a little weird at times and sometimes I will pass the question along. You guys have seen me do that before, but we're just having fun up there and sometimes it is pretty fun up there doing all the interviews with all the guys because they are all different personalities and we all get along, too.

You are standing not sitting is that a sign of the back?

Love: "No, I'm just trying to show that my back is fine. Actually Marc Dellins (UCLA SID) told me to never sit down in an interview every again, but I'm looking over at Russell Westbrook right now and he looks pretty comfortable right now sitting down.

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