March 21, 2008

NCAA Q&A: K-State coach Frank Martin

OMAHA, Neb. -- Pinned against a cinder block wall inside the Kansas State locker room at the Qwest Center, Wildcat coach Frank Martin patiently answered questions from the local, regional and national media prior to heading to the NCAA podium for his official NCAA Tournament Midwest Regional second-round press conference.

From a Wisconsin television reporter who wanted some specific breakdowns of the Wildcats' Saturday matchup with the Wisconsin Badgers, which is scheduled for a 3:20 tip, to area reporters who wanted more specific information about the Cats, Martin and his team are feeling the media crunch that comes with advancing the NCAA Tournament.

What are your thoughts on Wisconsin's style of basketball?
"These are contrasting styles, so it will be interesting to see how the game gets played. In the postseason, games are usually played slower than the regular season, but I think the higher the game is played in terms of offensive numbers, the more the advantage goes to us. It's a Bo Ryan-coached team so they could score 80 points and be as efficient as when their team scores 52."

What will determine how the game is played?
"It all depends on whatever flow the game takes. Everything is a factor in the game. How is the game going to be officiated? If the game is officiated tighter, the game can become looser. But if the game is officiated loosely, then the game becomes tighter. If it gets more physical, it's more of a grind. It's our job as players and coaches to adjust to the officiating whatever way it goes.

"You go into games and try to instill your will into the games. Sometimes you can do it and sometimes you can't. If you can do it, you will usually succeed and if you can't, you've got to fight like heck to find a way to still succeed."

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