March 10, 2008

Johnson waiting for his shot

Jerrod Johnson has been waiting.


In fact, he has been waiting longer than most people realize to be a full-time starting quarterback.

Of his last five years playing football, Johnson has spent all but one season either starting at wide receiver, being the backup quarterback or doing both jobs for the price of one.

Nevermind the fact that Johnson is 6-foot-6, quick enough to play college basketball, can throw a ball through a wall and has tantalized A&M fans with brief flashes of greatness in high school All-Star games and mop up duty.

Nevermind that in his one year of being a starting quarterback at Humble High School, he was good enough to earn the Houston Touchdown Club Offensive Player of the Year.

For some reason, no matter how good he's been, he's always had someone ahead of him who was just a little older and a little more experienced.

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