February 25, 2008

Getting to know signee Paul Vigo

A three-time all-division selection during his high school career, Paul Vigo recorded 297 tackles and rushed for 1,521 yards as a sophomore, junior and senior.

The New Brunswick (N.J.) High standout will be the first member of his family to attend college. Vigo signed a letter of intent with Colorado back on February 6th.

"He is a big, physical, tough guy who can run," said tight ends coach Kent Riddle, who recruited Vigo from the Buffs' staff. "He has sprinter speed, a great body and comes from a great program. He's very versatile and can do a lot of things, he's going to be a big fast guy that is going to help us a ton."

We caught up with Vigo and asked him a variety of questions as part of our series of Q&A's with the Buffaloes' 2008 signees.

Was it nice to sign a letter of intent earlier this month and kind of finalize the whole recruiting process?

Paul Vigo: "It was a great feeling. My family and I went through a lot with the whole recruiting process. For a while I didn't know if I wanted to stay close or go away for college. In the end, Colorado was the best choice. I really liked them since my visit way back in September when they beat Oklahoma. That is when I started to feel like that is where I wanted to be."

You mentioned their upset win over Oklahoma. What else sold you on wanting to be a Buff?

"For one, Colorado is a beautiful place. Going there was something different. It is a nice, peaceful place. The team comradery was another factor in my decision. The coaches are so close to the players. And the way they run things, it made Colorado stand out to me. When I was out there, I had a great time. The players talked to me and told me what is real about the school. And they play against the best competition. That is what I love most about them."

Have they talked to you about how they see you fitting into the program?

"I'm going in as an athlete. They recruited me for linebacker but I'm weighing in around 190 pounds right now so I will probably start out at safety and work my way up from there. I want to play anywhere where I can get on the field."

What impresses you most about head coach Dan Hawkins?

"Coach Hawkins, when he came out to visit at my school, he told me straight up that he didn't have anything to sell, he was just real. He talked to me more about other things than football; he talked about education and the opportunity to see something different. I respected that about him."

What will you bring to the Colorado football program?

"I am definitely going to bring competitiveness. I want to compete, help out the team as best I can, whether it be on scout team or even playing on special teams. Either way I just feel like I am going to be a part of the success that is going to come to Colorado."

Who has been the biggest influence in your life as far as football is concerned?

"I am going to have to say my family. I have been playing since I was six and my family has always been there to support me."

What is your most memorable moment on the football field so far in your career?

"Winning a state championship my junior year. We went against Irvington and everyone doubted us. We started out 0-3 in our season; two losses and we had to forfeit one game. We weren't even ranked in our county and we came back to win a state championship."

How would you describe your personality off the football field?

"I feel I am a great guy. I am involved in the New Brunswick Board of Education as a student representative so I'm a good leader. Everybody from the school looks up to me. I like to help people out, but everyone knows me as a competitive person."

What do you plan to major in when you get to college?

"I am leaning towards Criminal Justice"

Are you qualified for college or is that something you are still working towards?

"I passed clearinghouse. My GPA is a 3.0. I'm already qualified, I'm set for admissions. I'm just going to take the SAT again just to bump that up."

What is your favorite kind of food?

"Anything, whatever is in front of me"

What is your favorite TV show?

"I don't see it too often anymore, but I was really into Two-a-Days"

Do you have a favorite movie?

"Any Given Sunday and Gladiator"

Do you have a pre-game ritual or tradition?

"I always say a prayer before every game. After that I put on the headphones and get focused."

What was the best part of the recruiting process?

"The best part about it was having coaches coming to the school, pulling me out of class, talking to me."

What was the worst part of the recruiting process?

"It got stressful at the end. There were colleges that waited until the end to try to get me to come take an official visit. I ended up visiting Boise State officially. And Rhode Island and Eastern Michigan wanted me to visit, but I didn't end up going to either of those schools."

Do you have any messages for Colorado fans?

"Just watch out. I'm coming out from Jersey and I'm going to do whatever it takes to help out the team."

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