February 5, 2008

The wait is almost over

On Wednesday morning around 10:50 am (MST), Darrell Scott will finally break his silence. The five-star running back from Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure will announce his college decision at the ESPN Zone in Anaheim. It will be televised live on ESPNU.

According to St. Bonaventure recruiting coordinator Roger Sonsini, Scott knows where he plans to spend the next three or four years of his life. But don't expect that information to leak out before his announcement on Wednesday.

"Darrell definitely knows where he wants to go and the only other person that will know before he announces will be his mother," said Coach Sonsini. "He has kept it very, very close vested.

"We all know it is down to two schools, Colorado and Texas. I think both schools have a good shot. I have my preference and my preference is for him to go to whichever program is going to best give him everything he needs as a student and as an athlete."

Scott's mother escorted him on his official visit to Colorado, while Coach Sonsini tagged along with him on his official visit to Texas.

"When he went to Colorado and it was his first visit and he was very impressed, I remember when he came back to practice he said, 'Coach, it's everything I want'," Sonsini recalls. "And I said, 'Well Darrell, you really don't know what you want because you haven't taken any other visits.' And I said, 'Just keep an open mind. We are going to go and visit Texas'. And then when we went to Texas, he basically said 'Wow'."

Colorado had their final in-home visit with Scott last Friday, while the Longhorns stopped by for their final in-home visit with him last Tuesday.

"His problem with reaching a decision is that you have two dynamic coaches in Coach Dan Hawkins at CU and Coach Mack Brown from Texas," Coach Sonsini added. "They are both unbelievable men. They could both do very well for Darrell.

"Texas is probably more committed to the running game but I've known Coach Hawkins for years, from his Boise State days, and he doesn't take a second fiddle to anyone. So it will be very interesting to see where Darrell decides to go. And it will be interesting to hear what his motivation was for choosing that particular school. Like I said, it will be very interesting."

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