January 21, 2008

First Coast Trio back from FSU visit, ready to sign

There has never been much doubt about the First Coast Trio and how they feel about [tm]Florida State[/tm]. But [tm]LSU[/tm] has been making a major push towards running back Jermaine Thomas. But the three-star speedster looks like he's 100 percent Florida State. And if his teammates have anything to say about it, Thomas will never bring up LSU again.

"We are still trying to work on him and get him not to go but even if he does go, I still expect him to sign with Florida State," said Carr.

Thomas, Nigel Carr, and Avis Commack all plan to sign with Florida State on February 6th. This weekend's visit solidified what everyone has known for months, Jacksonville will be well represented at FSU in 2008.

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