January 15, 2008

GoPowercat Q&A: Dalonte Hill

Many can be credited for the return of Kansas State basketball to the national spotlight, but none maybe more than associate head coach Dalonte Hill. Yet the man responsible for bringing freshman phenom Michael Beasley and other members of the Wildcats' top-rated freshman class to Manhattan doesn't always receive an abundance of exposure. That wasn't true on Tuesday, however, when GoPowercat.com allowed the K-State assistant to speak his mind about a variety of topics during an exclusive interview.

You've already built quite a reputation as an elite-level recruiter. What's your secret?
I think it's my age, and my ability to communicate with kids. I establish a trust factor with them. Kids trust me, and they believe that I'm an honest guy. That goes a long way when you're dealing with young kids.

It's clear that you were able to gain the trust of Michael Beasley. Mike says you two have a great relationship. When and how did that start?
Mike has always been a silly kid. The first day I met him, we kind of hit off and hung out a little bit. From then on, he started the communication with me. He wanted to come to the gym all the time, and he always needed a ride. He enjoyed hanging out with me. The relationship just came about because he knew I wanted to work. I didn't want anything from him. I just wanted to make sure he made it in life.

How old was Mike when you guys met?
I want to say 13. I'm not sure. It was either 12 or 13. He and I always have that debate. He says it's 12, but I think he was 13. He says it's 12 because that's the time I beat him 1-on-1 in basketball, so I say it was 13.

Is that the last time you beat him?
That's the only time I'm ever going to play him.

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