January 4, 2008

GoPowercat Q&A: Michael Beasley

He's the most publicized freshman in Kansas State history and a surefire NBA lottery pick. He's a 6-foot-10 monster of a man and the country's leading rebounder. He's an eldest son, an older brother and one of the youngest members of the Wildcats' basketball team. He's K-State forward Michael Beasley, and he recently took time to sit down with GoPowercat.com's Rob Cassidy for an exclusive interview.

How's it going Mike? How was your Christmas?
I got everything I wanted. I didn't ask for anything.

C'mon I know better than that. Your mom said she got you what you really wanted. Do you mind telling me what that was?
She got me a new laptop - a MacBook. It's cool. I like it. I don't know how to work it, but it's cool.

Let's turn from your Christmas to a holiday you didn't enjoy as much. What went wrong against Xavier on New Year's Eve?
It was a matter of a good team having a great night. Those guys just didn't miss, and everything was going their way. It was just a bad night for us.

Do you think they exposed something in you guys?
I wouldn't say that. It was just a bad night. There wasn't anything we could do. The refs were on their side. We weren't getting the right calls. We let the refs determine the game, and like I said, (Xavier) just didn't miss.

What was the attitude in the locker room like after the game?
There was a lot of disappointment. We were all depressed. A loss is a loss, but that kind of loss is heartbreaking. There were some guys crying. It was depressing.

Does getting blown out like that motivate the team to work harder?
Definitely. If you would have seen our practices the last couple days, you would see how much more intense they are. Everybody is going 100 percent at all times. We don't want to lose anymore, especially like that.

I've been hearing that today's practice (Thursday) involved a lot of running. Any truth to that?
Yeah it did. It was good though. It wasn't for discipline or anything like that. We just had to get back to running. We kind of slowed down in games, so we have to get used to it.

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