December 17, 2007

Tim Thompson's ''One Thing''

Vanderbilt had a huge, come-from-behind road win over DePaul last week, and's Chris Lee spoke with Commodore color commentator Tim Thompson to talk about it. Hear Thompson's thoughts on Vandy's big win, on freshman point guard Keegan Bell, what the Commodores need to improve upon in the coming weeks, and much, much more in our exclusive weekly feature!

Tim, what was the one thing that caught your attention about the comeback the other night against DePaul?"

"Well, I think more than anything, it was Alan Metcalfe and Keegan Bell basically, in that span of 12 minutes where nothing was getting done, and they stepped up, and Alan Metcalfe made a bunch of 3s and Keegan Bell had eight assists. The play of those two specifically come to mind just because they really kind of kept us in the game, and brought us to a point where we could come back with our starters and be able to make the complete comeback, after really playing poorly up to that point."

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