December 14, 2007

Feeling the fire

CMG - press conference --

3 guys grad Sat. Riley, Steele, Dill...
practices have been intense. BHoll came out of one with 5 stitches the other day.

were at a pt tight now - were trying to figure out our roles, our chemistry, whos going to come off the bench at what time, who is our best wing sub, how are we going to get the young guys playing time, our post sub, but at some point you've got to get settled in with a rotation. You want to give everybody a chance, in practice a lot of times there's not a lot of separation between guys from day to day. Your players have to get comfortable with what their role is.

wofford - they're a little diff team, their best player came in and took 18 shots. they're a very good basketball team with the way they shoot the 3. we have to make sure we know how to guard them.

the one thing we've tried to do in the last 5-6 years in december, you'r egoing to try to get marquis martchups, but also teams we think are going to end up with a good overall record and potentially NCAA teams. The RPI takes into consideration your opponents records, and you want to stay away from teams that might end up 4-25 -- that hurts your RPI. Who is going to be good, do they have a lot of players coming back, teams we think are going to have good records, plus you're playing good teams and its going to make you learn a lot.

when we made our sked we didnt' anticipate having a freshman at PG. It's been 5-6 months. You've got a freshman vs a senior, and it makes a diff when your guy is playing his fourth college game and the other guy has played 100 college games.

Our practices habe neen pretty ood all year -- I don't know thats the case -- they've been competing every day since the start. But I think when you're in the midst of final exams. not into practicing --

Brandon Hollinger - he played early on in the season as a PG, and he can. He gave us some leadership there from an experience standpoint - we brought him in the other day as a wing sub, and he had a great game, 14 points and 9 assists with one TO. That's an example. That's where we are.

Hendrix elbow -- he's got some under his eye and above his eye, trying to get him a mask to wear or some type of padding to keep those things from coming apart on him.

this year we're a diff defensive team. we don't have the shot blocking presence but we're quicker. we've got some young guys learning how to defend on our level. they think its easy, flare screen, ball screen, cross screen, down screen, they've got to pick things up. I do think we can become a pretty solid def team. weve got to be a better rebounding team -- i htink we're getting there. I like the potential of our team defensively.

experience is something you can't teach.

Vanberbilt has a chance to have a terrific team, Arkansas. Vandy should enter SEC at 15-0. They've had a great start. Arkansas is a back to back NCAA tournament team with everybody back -- senior dominated team.

florida is playing a lot of ienxperienced guys, lsu is playing young guys. I think our league's in a transitionw ith younger guys. we haven't had as many big december wins in our league as we normally have.

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