December 13, 2007

In the NFL draft, numbers count, but not stats

MORGANTOWN-In the NFL draft game, statistics, all-conference, all-American and even Heisman Trophy awards are not what makes the scouts' hearts beat faster, according to Mike Barwis.

What does the deal, in most cases, is how fast they run, how high they jump, and how much weight they can lift.

"To play in the NFL, to play against these guys, is he physically capable to play against these players? The other stats are a wash," says the WVU director of strength and conditioning. "Is he undersized, is he too short? The size of the hands, the length of the arm, the length of the leg: they measure everything. You're in a meat market. They check body structure, can he hold more weight? Is he lean? Is he too lean? It's crazy."

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