November 29, 2007

Tim's take on Ogilvy, the SEC

In a new weekly feature, Vanderbilt basketball color commentator Tim Thompson has agreed to partner with to give our readers an in-depth look at what's happening with Commodore basketball.

In part two of this week's segment, Thompson comments on A.J. Ogilvy's upside, the root of the defensive and rebounding breakdowns and whether they can be fixed, and gives an early glimpse as to what's caught his eye around the SEC.'s Chris Lee questions Thompson on these matters and more.

CL: "How good can Andrew Ogilvy be?"

"Oh, goodness-you know, he's 6-11, 250-260, he runs well, he's really a solid athlete, he's not what I call a plodder-he's an athlete. I could see him staying here a couple of years, then maybe going out. I think he's got to develop his perimeter shot a little bit.

"From a maturity standpoint, he's only 19 years old. He needs to mature a little bit, but again, I could see him being at Vanderbilt for two to three years, and he could be, potentially, a number-one draft pick. That's how good that kid could be.

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