November 17, 2007

Senior Day Stunner

You're kind of damned if you do and damned if you don't. Hard to put him back in -- we didn't have any choices. But we need to block the plays well enough that we have an opp. to make it [on] third and 1. We don't have that right now. We need to do other things so that we can block it a little bit better. It's nobody's fault -- we got criticized -- we put him in this week and that didn't work either. Jimmy has worked his tail off this year, he's just had a lot of things to overcome. Other than that he did a pretty good job. What happens in the next two days to turn the page and get ready -- we've got to finish. I'm going to work my tail off to fix what we didn't do right. We've got 24 hrs. to get over it. That's my responsibility - the only way to get it right is to fix the things that are wrong. ... I'm not going to quit - Terry won't go out with me anyway, I might as well go to work,

I had one at LSU against UAB that was very similar. Also in this time of the program, I think the biggest thing is we have not improved as a team since the Tennessee game. Some of the things that have happened to us since that game have affected our continuity. Fumbling the ball at the end, not making a 4th and 1 at the end of the game. We had 3 or 4 possessions in the last 10 minutes and couldn't make the plays to do it.
He was in the office like a coach. He took pride in his performance, and he made a bad throw today early in the game. The other interception was not his fault. You really can't boo the QB for that. He competed out there today, he really did. We actually structured this game with the idea t

We trusted JJ today and gave him an opp to play, Grant didn't practice a lot this week b/c he was hurt a little bit. JJ did OK but that was a critical error that he made on the fumble. Jonathan Lowe is doing a pretty good job of filling in.

JAVIER - High ankle sprain. THose are slower to recover. I've not talked to doc -- I know he couldn't come back today. I'm sure if there's a possibility that he can get ready for this game that he'll be ready for it.

ON DJ HALL - I'm not going to say what it is that warranted at least what was given. Guys make choices and decisions that don't put themselves into the position of helping the team.

What we do is not easy - the season is long, it's difficult, it takes a lot of commitment, perseverance. Not taking an easy way to do things. Not ever thinking enough is enough. I use that word a lot (finishing). Now I can use it very easily in finishing the season. We were 6-2 and a pretty good football team at one point.

We're not where we need to be. There may be some pattern in personality in all that, because I think that was an issue was before.

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