November 14, 2007

Martin trying to improve his team

Though talented, the 2007-08 Kansas State basketball team is far from perfect. That fact became evident during the first 31 minutes of the Wildcats' 76-66 win over Division II Pittsburg State last Sunday. And some of the deficiencies the young Wildcats exhibited during the sub-par performance against the Gorillas prompted Coach Frank Martin to break an unspoken rule of coaching, as he admits his team's focus is not completely fixated on its next opponent.

"We're always concerned about improving ourselves first," Martin said Wednesday. "There will never be a game that we go into, where we're more concerned about our opponent than with ourselves."

Right now, Martin feels he has no shortage of things to be concerned about. His team, while immensely athletic, has displayed an affliction for playing sloppy basketball for stretches during the season's early going, averaging 23 turnovers in their first two games.

And so goes the story of a freshmen-laden team.

"It's going to take us a minute to get going because we have a lot of guys that are fresh to college basketball," said Bill Walker. "We should be firing on all cylinders when Big 12 play gets here though."

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