November 15, 2007

Man on Fire: Ben Jones has been on the road the past couple of months covering future Bulldogs and one of the most interesting commitments to follow has been Ben Jones. Jones is an intense offensive lineman out of Centreville (Ala.) - Bibb County and staff writer Kipp Adams covered a game of his recently. Adams shares his thoughts on what he saw in Jones.

When watching Jones during the summer, it was refreshing to see a player with so much enthusiasm. Most athletes today are all about looking good, and getting highlight reel material. Here was a player who was the highlight of the camp, but for different reasons. Jones put his emotions on his sleeves, and left it all on the field. He risked certain embarrassment of his peers by grunting and yelling while beating defenders left and right.

You see, Jones was not there to show off, he was a man on a mission, and he was determined to let the UGA coaches know that he would not get beat because of a lack of effort. He got an offer shortly thereafter, and became the second offensive lineman from Alabama to commit to UGA.

When I traveled to see him play a couple of weeks ago, I was not going to see a ton of pancake blocks. I wanted to see if he gave the same effort when there was no scholarship hanging in the balance. Would Ben Jones show the fiery demeanor that put him on the recruiting map?

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