November 14, 2007

Defending Spaz

Funny how things change.

Frank Spaziani, a perfect 1-0 as a head coach and the guy getting all kinds of credit when things were going right around here, suddenly turned into a bum the last two weeks. Reading the Spaz bashing on the board, in the midst of some of the mean-spirited stuff that's been flying around here recently, you had to laugh.

The guy's a bum now? The guy can't work with Jeff Jagodzinski? Let's examine this, OK?

The Eagles started the season with Brian Toal and B.J. Raji, two of the better defensive players in the ACC, gone for the year. Poof, just like that, two senior leaders were history - for this year, anyway.

BC gets out of the gate 8-0, the world is in love with everything maroon, but there are signs the defense, which also survived the knee injury to Nick Larkin, might just be missing the two guys it never had entering the year. BC was winning, but, let's face it, really didn't have to stop any of the best offenses in the country. Still, athletes, real athletes, were presenting a problem.

A bunch of real athletes hit town a couple of Saturday nights ago - and I don't care Florida State's record was (and it wasn't like it was 1-7 or anything), the Seminoles are LOADED with athletes. Jo-Lonn Dunbar makes a couple of huge plays - big-time plays that makes NFL scouts take notice - and then gets hurt. Immediately, the middle of the field opens up; wide, like the dang Red Sea. Then Tyronne Pruitt goes down. Ron Brace gets dinged up twice and keeps playing.

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