November 11, 2007

Panthers get to 3-0 with win over St. Louis

On November 11, 1918, the Allies accepted Germany's cessation of hostilities on the Western front, signaling the close of World War I and effectively ending the shooting.

On November 11, 2007, No. 22 Pitt didn't stop shooting; instead, facing a team that closely resembles their own, the Panthers shot less and hit a higher percentage en route to a 69-58 victory over St. Louis.

Both teams were facing their third game in as many days, but for Pitt, Sunday's contest was quite distinct from the team's first two wins. To wit, the Panthers attempted fewer field goals on Sunday than they had in either of the first two games and had their two lowest-scoring periods of the weekend. St. Louis' approach on both ends of the court had a lot to do with the low totals, as the Billikens worked in a fashion very similar to Pitt's.

"It was great because we knew exactly what was coming," junior guard Levance Fields said after the game. "We knew we'd be on defense for 30 seconds each play and we were prepared. It was good to see that we carried things through.

"We want to run, like we keep talking about, but [if we're] put in a position where we have to play a team that's holding a ball for 30-35 seconds a possession and we have to play the style we played in our previous years, we don't mind."

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