November 9, 2007

Ready for revenge

Last season, the Crimson Tide headed into the month of November with hopes of pulling an upset against main rivals LSU and Auburn and turning a mediocre season into a fairly good one. All they had to do first was get by lowly Mississippi State.

Sixty minutes later, the Mississippi State Bulldogs had done more than send the Tide's season off track with their 24-16 upset in Tuscaloosa. Sly Croom's Dogs had effectively sealed the fate of Alabama head coach Mike Shula and changed the direction of the Crimson Tide football program.

"You try to put the past behind you but you are going to remember it," said senior Darren Mustin. "Last year was a big win for them and it hurt our season pretty bad."

Crimson Tide players remember the 2006 Bulldogs not as a scrappy, upset-minded underdog but as the dominant force on the field that day.

"It was in our place but they weren't intimidated at all," said John Parker Wilson. "They didn't care who we were or that we were at home. They played hard and got after us."

"They dominated us on the ground," Mustin said. "They ran it right through us. They have a really big running back so I imagine that's what they're going to do again."

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