November 7, 2007

Bruins prepare for ASU

There are three games left on this very unusual football season. The Bruins are 5-4 and still have their destiny in their hands. It may be a long shot, but it is still a shot and this season, only the unlikely has been predictable. If the dream is going to come true, it will have to begin this week. There is no room for error and the effort must be herculean by many newcomers to the field.

After Tuesday's practice, Karl Dorrell took questions.

Dorrell: "We had a good practice. We're putting in a pretty good plan for our offense that we feel good about. We have a few days to get it ironed out and we will be ready to line up and play this weekend.

"It was a good practice where everybody's efforts were definitely trying to do everything right and we're ready to bounce back so we will continue to work and get ourselves ready for a great game this weekend.

When you say you put in a new plan…

Dorrell: "A good plan…

How does that plan change having Osaar Rasshan in there now who doesn't have maybe as much experience as some of your other guys.

Dorrell: "Well it shrinks down. That's what it comes down to. You can't give him as much information as you would if you had an experienced player in there.

"We are going to do some things that are going to be helpful for all people involved.

"We have some new running backs that are playing that didn't understand the whole scope of the offense as well so we have to tailor back and do the things that are going to give us some production and some good execution.

How is the mood out here with all the guys? Are they bouncing back pretty well?

Dorrell: "Yeah, they're doing…they understand that this is another opportunity to compete and there is still a lot to play for in this season and you have to buy in with that simple statement is. We still have three games left to compete and get ourselves ready for a great opportunity and it starts this weekend.

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