November 2, 2007

Moore excited about the future of his line

Despite a couple of rough spots in the last couple of games, the Texas Tech offensive line is arguably the most pleasantly surprising unit on the team. The line lost two position coaches and four starters from last year's starting lineup, and now starts four sophomores, yet has yielded only 14 sacks in nine games and 515 passing attempts. That comes out to one sack every 37 pass attempts. And many of those sacks, be it noted, were the responsibility of the quarterback rather than the line.

What makes this development so exciting is that the offensive line returns virtually intact next season and will have the services of an extremely talented group of redshirt freshmen. And one of the things that has enabled the development is something called Thursday Night Football.

This is not a prime-time game on ESPN, but rather a special practice workout in which young players get the opportunity to show their stuff in an extended and structured session. And as offensive line coach Matt Moore notes, this workout isn't for redshirts only.

"Thursday Night Football isn't just for the redshirts; it's for guys that are the backups that need reps. Those live reps every Thursday are what won the job for Marlon Winn and he's started ever since. He just got better and better and better."

Nevertheless, it is certainly true that Thursday Night Football is paying huge dividends for the youngest o-line pups. Take for instance Lonnie Edwards and Dominique Delpeche.

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