October 31, 2007

Time for the Longhorn Nation to rally

The football season is a funny and shapeless thing.

Fans across the country spend nearly nine months out of the year counting down the days until the very first kickoff and then many spend the next three months in agony as their team fails to meet expectations - both realistic and not.

It's the passion for the product that makes college football the most emotional of the major spots in this country, but it's also that very same passion that can turn joy into pain in a matter of seconds.

Every time you think you're able to get your hands on this thing that is both a friend and a foe, it changes shape and becomes something entirely different.

One person's elation is likely another person's suffering.

As fans from Texas and Nebraska congregated before the start of Saturday's showdown between the two Big 12 schools, a Husker fan named Hank in red face paint and clothing from head-to-toe explained why he had made the trip to Austin, despite the fact that the Huskers are the midst of one of the worst seasons in school his history and entered the game as three-touchdown underdogs to the Longhorns.

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