October 26, 2007

Five Keys to Victory: Baylor at K-State

When: Saturday, Oct. 27
Kickoff: 2:35 p.m. (CDT)
Location: Manhattan
Venue: Snyder Family Stadium (50,000)
TV: None

Last year, Coach Ron Prince's Kansas State Wildcats played one of their more miserable games of the season when they lost at Baylor, 17-3. The Wildcats swear revenge is not on their minds, but after falling to 4-3 with last weekend's defeat at Oklahoma State, getting back on the winning track is a must.

This game kicks off a string of games the Wildcats should win, and that could vault K-State back into the running in the Big 12 North.

"We still recognize that we could still be in it for our conference if we win out. I think that's the focus right now," sophomore quarterback Josh Freeman said. "You're not going to win any games if you're thinking about the one you just lost. Everybody is moving forward a looking toward (Baylor)."

Prince is showing the expected respect toward the 3-5 Bears, who are 0-4 in Big 12 play, and Baylor's spread offense is certainly something that can give a team trouble.

"I can see the team getting better each year with the kind of people they are putting in their program and around it, and I think this will be a real challenging game for us." Prince said. "We have a lot to play for. We should have plenty of focus and practice. We should have a real high expectation to play well and if we do that, in each game, we think we have a chance to win."

It's a game that the Wildcats should easily win, but there are still some keys to follow.


The good news for K-State's troubled rushing defense is Baylor shows little interest in running the ball. The Bears want to spread the field and throw the ball with a system that is similar to Texas Tech's.

"We're really concerned about this week's opponent," Prince said. "While we think we've passed the ball and passed the ball pretty decent as of late, this team is still ranked ahead of us in the nation in passing. That's how committed they are to it."

Keep in mind, though, Baylor is not nearly as efficient on offense as Texas Tech and the Bears average exactly one-half-a-yard more in passing yardage per game than K-State.

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