October 24, 2007

Young players see stock rising

Offense looking for consistency

As Greg Davis and the rest of the UT offensive coaching staff prepares for Saturday's game against Nebraska, it's painstakingly obvious where Nebraska's defense can be exploited.

It's not rocket science. Just run the football.

The Huskers currently rank 115th in the nation in defending the run and those 227.4 yards per game that they are surrendering on the ground are one of the main reasons why their season has been spiraling out of control in recent weeks.

However, if there's one area that Texas has really struggled with this season on the offensive side of the ball, it's been the running game.

"That's really a good question," Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis said when asked if the Longhorns simply needed to run the ball exclusively against the Huskers. "They have given up some rushing yards. Obviously not all of the rushing yards that they've given up, not all, but most of the rushing yards they've given up have been on some kind of option scheme. Against A&M it was a lot of read-option and things like that. No, you don't go to (exclusively running the ball). But, we've got to keep mixing it up."

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