October 19, 2007

Slowing Missouri will be tough

There's not a lot of doubt in most people's mind that Texas Tech will put up more than its fair share of points against Missouri. The matchup of the nation's leading pass offense versus the #100 pass defense, as well as Missouri's history of allowing high point totals to virtually all of its opponents strongly suggest that the Red Raiders will draw plenty of blood in Columbia.

But can the Tech defense keep Missouri's lethal offense well enough in check to allow the Red Raiders to depart the Show Me state with a victory? Therein lay the variable that should determine the outcome from Tech's vantage point.

Red Raider defensive ends coach Charlie Sadler, whose charges will play a crucial role in attempting to keep the Tigers from going nuclear, offers the low-down on Mizzou's offense.

"Well they're an offense that obviously is very good. They're averaging over 500 yards a game and I think they're in the top five as far as yardage in the country. They've got really pretty good balance as far as how they distribute the ball, and they throw the football much like we do. Their running game's a little different from ours, but it's very effective as far as the formations and the complimentary runs they have along with their passing game."

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