October 17, 2007

It's validation time for these Red Raiders

Mike Leach has long propounded treating one game exactly like the next. He has never believed in treating certain games as more important than others or emphasizing clashes with historic rivals.

There is much sound reasoning in such an approach.

To begin with, it engenders consistency. If Leach and his staff do not ratchet up the intensity of their players for certain opponents in comparison to others, it is unlikely that the team will be on an emotional pogo stick, sky-high in one outing, flat as a Jorvorskie Lane-trampled June bug in the next.

Leach's policy of making no real distinction between opponents springs from his emphasis on perfecting his own team rather than worrying about the competition. Tech's head coach is far more concerned with improving the execution of his own squad than he is with what sorts of plays the Texas Longhorns or Colorado Buffaloes are running. Consequently, in his mind, the Longhorns become merely the orange team, the Buffaloes the black team, and the Red Raiders the only team that matters.

But that is Leach's own little universe. And truthfully, it is a hermetic and introverted microverse.

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