October 9, 2007

Hot Potato

One of the best performances turned in this season is from a player who wasn't even expected to be a factor in 2007.

His name? Spud.

Well, nickname at least. That's what the Oklahoma State coaching staff calls him - they think he looks like former NBA mini-man Spud Webb.

The rest of us know him by his real name: Kendall Hunter. And while those in Orange Country have become familiar with OSU's "other" tailback, the rest of the Big 12 region is starting to find out about the young Cowboy rusher. In only five games this season, he has 441 yards on 57 carries (7.7 yards per carry) and three touchdowns. Currently, he ranks third in the Big 12 in rushing.

And to think, his talents almost weren't on display this year.

"I envisioned him redshirting," head coach Mike Gundy said.

And coming into the season, that made sense. When you've got a stable of runners including Dantrell Savage, Keith Toston and Julius Crosslin, why waste a year of his eligibility?

But some funny things happened on the way to a redshirt season. Namely, Savage gets hurt and misses two games and Toston gets a bad case of fumble-itis. Another option was needed.

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