October 4, 2007

Q&A: Offensive Coordinator Dana Holgorsen

Q: Coach Holgorsen, first of all, tell me about what you saw from your offense last week.

A: You know we did some okay things. They probably weren't as consistent as we would like. It was real spotty; it was kind of like the whole week of practice went you know, the preparation was a bit spotty and we got into the game and the performance was a bit spotty. We did get it together in the 3rd quarter, which was a big deal. We talk to them at halftime a lot about coming out in the 3rd quarter and playing better in the 3rd quarter, cause that's been one of our weaknesses over the first 4 games, and we did come out in the 3rd quarter and Graham (Harrell) went out and scored on his first two possessions and I think Potts scored on his first two. So, we made some improvements there. So, if you can look at it and say we improved doing something that is one thing we did.

Q: The late hits on the quarterback. Did that tick you off a little bit? Do you feel like they were trying to take a shot at Tech or anything like that with those 2 or 3 late hits on Graham?

A: Ah maybe, I don't know. They coach their players and we coach our players. There is nothing we can do about that. That's why they have officials out there. It's always funny to watch Graham's expression when he does get hit late, because he doesn't like it very much. I think it gets his attention and makes him play harder because he's a competitive kid. But, it's what the officials are out there for. We can't do anything about it, and as long as they are calling it then it's the only thing we can ask for.

Q: Can you talk about Aaron Crawford and his early playing time? He played a lot.

A: Yeah, he did. You know, he's a tough kid and we went into this game wanting to give him the ball a lot. We had put in a set in early in the week that was a set specifically for him. So, we wanted to get him in there and kind of see what he could do. You know, he's a young guy and he's a tough kid and he's a hard worker and want to do well, so the more he's out there, the better he's gonna be.

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