September 30, 2007

68-point win not as easy as it looked

The Northwest Louisiana game was probably the first contest in the history of Mike Leach's Texas Tech tenure in which the defense was the starring attraction. Among the 52,900 in attendance in Jones/SBC Stadium, probably 52,000 were there to see what new defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill would do with the Red Raider stop unit.

Indeed, that is such a major story that it will get an article of its own from this author in the near future. For the present, however, we will deal with other issues.

In general, and despite the fact that the Red Raiders amassed a colossal 75 points and probably could have eclipsed the century-mark if Mike's last name was de Sade, Northwest Louisiana deserves credit for their defensive work. For the first two-and-a-half quarters of the game, the Demons actually defended the Air Raid as well or better than any opponent Tech has faced this season.

After the game, Leach gave the visitors some credit for their work on the defensive side of the ball.

"…of course, they deserve some credit. They stirred up their fronts a bunch and blitzed a lot; we knew they were gonna blitz a lot," Leach informed.

"They did a variety of things though. I think it helped them."

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