September 27, 2007

Devan Downey Q&A

A member of the South Carolina men's basketball team last season, Devan Downey couldn't play after transferring from Cincinnati, where he was named to the Big East All-Rookie team his freshman year. GamecockCentral's Wayne Turner recently spoke with the former 'Mr. Basketball' to get his take on several subjects.

GamecockCentral: You sat out last year after transferring. How excited are you to be playing again?

Devan Downey: I'm very excited. The time is here. It's been one hard, long year. But you know, I'm just excited and ready to get out there with my guys and play.

GC: As competitive as you are, how tough was it to sit out last year?

DD: Oh, man, it was real tough. I was trying to get Coach (Odom) to get a hardship or something so I could get on the court. It was really tough just to see my guys struggle. You know, we were practicing hard but at game time, I had to sit and watch. I really couldn't do anything to help.

GC: You were Mr. Basketball, 37 points per game, top-50 recruit, Big East All-Rookie team. With those credentials, do you expect to make an immediate impact this year?

DD: Yes, sir. Even with all of that in the past, I think I've gotten better this year. I just didn't sit out and do regular stuff. I've been doing extra since I wasn't going to play, so I think I'll make a big impact here.

GC: Why did you transfer from Cincinnati?

DD: I mean, it was a whole lot of reasons. They fired the coach (Andy Kennedy) and I was real close to him. I just felt like it was time to come home.

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