September 19, 2007

Dorrell impressd with Locker

In part three of Coach [db]Karl Dorrell[/db]'s press conference on Monday he asks the fans to show up on Saturday and show their support for the football team. He is also asked about Washington and the challenges their talented quarterback brings to the table.

You mentioned that you didn't want to make this a state of the program kind of thing, but do you have a concern that the players might be feeling a little bit if that burden right now?

Dorrell: "No not after yesterday (team meeting Sunday September 16th). They're embarrassed, we're all embarrassed. That's the biggest thing. We did not play to our potential. We know that and it is unfortunate, but then we woke up the next morning and said what do we need to do to get it done. That's really our answer right now and that's the way we're looking at it. We're going to fight through this.

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