September 17, 2007

Welcome back Jordan Shipley ... and thank you

I hate to brag on myself, I really do. But I can't help it. When you are as good as I am at something, you have to talk about it. I was All Conference, All American and if it was an Olympic sport, I was a shoe in for the gold medal. My prowess was well known and talked about in many circles. Not one person that I have seen, read or heard about was better than me at getting injured.

I have a 10 inch scar down the center of my knee, an eight inch scar down the side of my knee and more scope holes than a block of Swiss cheese.

Whether it was a knee dislocation or just a scope. It could have been a blown hamstring or hip flexor. How about the collar bone or broken fingers.

I have had the market cornered on injuries for years. I played in a flag football game last Monday night and on the third play, pulled my calf muscle. Getting injured is my business and business has always been good.

Now I admit I wrote all that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek but I hope you get the point.

It goes without saying that I was one of the happiest guys in the world when Jordan Shipley stepped up for four receptions for 48 yards on Saturday versus Central Florida, including a huge 38-yard pass. He also added two carries for 12 yards, including a fake field goal for a first down.

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