September 5, 2007

Notes: Cats want to 'run to win'

Kansas State coach Ron Prince said it time and time again: "We want to pass to score and run to win."

The Wildcats executed the first part of the second-year head coach's philosophy against Auburn on Saturday, throwing 58 passes that resulted in 13 points. However, it was the second the part of Prince's favorite phrase that turned out to be the sticking point for his team.

"We take a lot of pride in handling an end of game situation very well," Prince said. "I did a poor job of that. I think I did a poor job a handling the end of the game."

It's easy to overanalyze K-State's decision to run the ball just 16 times in the season opener. In fact, many have come to believe that the lack of rushing attempts may have been nothing more than an effort to disguise a sub-par ground attack. However, Prince insists the skewed pass-to-run ratio had nothing to do with a lack of ability, but was exclusively designed to exploit a perceived weakness in the Auburn defense.

"We didn't have much intention of going into the game and running the football," he said. "We knew they had a terrific pass rush and we knew they were going to try to go with those guys most of the game. Our hope was that we could wear them down. I saw signs of that occurring, but when the game changed, and we had to get into the position to run the football to take advantage of that, we weren't able to."

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