September 4, 2007

Shannon: We're preparing to win at Oklahoma

Coach Randy Shannon spoke in-depth today about the big upcoming game this Saturday at Oklahoma.

"They're a great team, have a lot of great players, a great coaching staff," Shannon said. "They do a good job of getting their guys prepared for any opponent. It's going to be a challenge for us to go out there and play. What we're doing is going out to prepare to win the game. It's just an opportunity for both teams to compete and have a great game. At the end of the day the best team is going to win the game."

Shannon also updated the injury status of several players.

"Darnell Jenkins (shoulder) is fine," he said. "Right now Josh Holmes is still out, won't be playing this game. Glenn Sharpe won't be playing this game. Jerrell Mabry is 50/50. I think that's about it (for injuries)."

Shannon said he doesn't know if QB Kyle Wright will get any action on Saturday.

"I'm not worried about Kyle right now," Shannon said. "We've still got Kirby Freeman. Kirby's our guy. If something happens to go wrong, a shoe comes off, then Kyle will go in. You never know what can happen in a game."

Here's what else Shannon was talking about:

Q: When you saw the North Texas film, what can you tell from a blowout?

Shannon: All you look at is personnel. They've got good personnel. They have a real big offensive line, big defensive line, a skilled running back. The quarterback didn't have to do much, the receivers made some plays on bubble screen situations. They played well. That's the thing that they do. They did whatever it takes to win the game. They did a good job.

Q: You have an emphasis on tackling.

Shannon: Tackling is the key. As a defense we missed 8 tackles the first game. That's still too many. There was 60 yards after first impact. We've got to emphasize that, knocking people back. If you don't run your feet those extra two, three yards are first downs.

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