September 3, 2007

The Big Cat Speaks - Coveting Aztec Gold

It's all over. The debut of the 2007 Cougar football team, that is. Entering Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin to take on the Badgers of the Big Ten conference was a tall order for Wazzu and there were both expected results and not-so-expected results for head coach Bill Doba after the 42-21 loss to the Badgers.

The Cougars' offense was productive, as expected, but not quite as productive as they needed to be - although they were efficient when they needed to be.

"Offensively, it was a positive. We were 100% in the red zone - we just have to get into the red zone more often," said Doba of the Cougars' three touchdowns.

One of the biggest surprises to Doba was Wazzu's ability to rush the ball against a stiff Badger defense that finished high up in the NCAA rankings last year in multiple categories and returned a solid group of starters. The Cougars' 157 yards and 5.5 average were both respectable numbers - especially on the road - but Doba was hesitant to fully embrace the apparent statistical anomaly.

"They were in a three-man front in a nickel package. They were more concerned with out passing game than our running game, so it was kind of a false sense of security as far as our running game goes," admits Doba.

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