August 24, 2007

10 guarantees for college football season

Ten things you're guaranteed to witness this college football season:

10. ESPN proclaiming some weekly clash as the "Game of the Year in College Football."

Just once I'd like to hear Kirk Herbstreit and crew admit that they did not invent the sport. You do a great job, but take a dose of humility, fellas.

9. Some team running a trick play, and everyone comparing them to Boise State.

It's sad that Boise State will only be remembered for the trick plays they used to upset Oklahoma in last year's Fiesta Bowl. The game, possibly the most entertaining ever played, meant a lot more to college football than mere smoke and mirrors. Give the Broncos the true credit they deserve.

8. A player putting up gaudy stats against a weak sister early in the season, prompting journalists to tout him as the Heisman favorite.

The Heisman Trophy is won in November when the games count. There's nothing wrong with commenting on a player's chances at winning the trophy, but doesn't level of competition count? Let's reserve judgment until all precincts are in.

7. A coach accusing an opposing coach of running up the score.

Here's some advice: Grow up, coach your defense to stop someone and take a licking like a real man. All of this bunk about "unwritten rules" on not showing up another program is just that. If a team can hang a hundred on someone, more power to 'em.

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