August 23, 2007

Bruins close camp on a high

The Bruins closed camp on a high note in sharp contrast to practices earlier in the week. It was a good session as the team was able to work on some Stanford stuff. In just a little over a week UCLA football will kickoff the 2007 season and the anticipation is at a high.

For the most part Karl Dorrell and his coaching staff conducted a very good camp. The pace was good and it appeared the team improved from day one to yesterday.

Of course it is tough to gage when you only play one another. The true test will be a week from Saturday when the season begins at 12:30 PM PST.

Dorrell after a couple of grumpy meetings with the media was his more upbeat and jovial self.

Dorrell: "There is something about night practices. I think we should probably do camp at night all the time. It was a good practice. We went through all of our substitutions and special teams. All our special plays that happen not very often in games, but you have to rehearse and we had really good attention doing those things.

"We had a couple of scout periods of work for our first game as you can tell the attitude is pretty good. They know that camp is over.

"It is a couple of things. It's a night practice and camp is over after tonight camp is over. We had a really good camp and now it is time to get focused on playing a great game against Stanford next week.

So the players get back to their housing situation tonight after practice?

Dorrell: "No they go tomorrow morning. So I'm sure they will be in their rooms packing up and they will probably wake up earlier than usual to get themselves ready to go, but it was a good camp.

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