August 12, 2007

2007 Fall Football Practice Report #3

Our intrepid reporter, the ever-industrious Campus Carl was dispatched to the Cougar football practice field to cover Wazzu's first scrimmage of the fall session and harbinger of the upcoming 2007 season. Carl has a unit-by-unit breakdown of the scrimmage and we have confiscated his notes before they fell into the hands of impressionable youngsters or Wisconsin cheese spies making googly eyes at the Cougar Gold…

QB: Alex Brink is still Alex Brink - meaning he doesn't make a lot of mistakes and can be a bit streaky. Had a couple shaky possessions early on but warmed up as things went along. The deep throw is still not his forte, as he let go of one to Brandon Gibson late in a play and everyone had to stop and wait for it to come down about 35 yards downfield, because he couldn't step into it. But the short touchdown passes to Gibson were gems. One in particular was a testament both to Gibson's route-running and Brink's medium range accuracy (when he's on): Gibson managed to beat a double team just past the pylon on an out route, and Brink put it right on his hands just before Brandon stepped out of bounds. Hard to defend that unless you gamble and jump it [and yes, there was decent zip on the pass - but the ball only had to go 20 yards].

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