August 11, 2007

AM practice a success

It was obvious that CoachKarl Dorrell was pleased with the morning practice. For good reason too, most who have made it out to every practice this season felt that on balance this was the best overall effort to date. Both sides of the ball had that hop to them and the pace of practice was good.

Dorrell met with the media after the morning session and the following is what was discussed.

Dorrell: "I like where we're at as a team. We continue to improve. The offense had some good things going for them today and that was good to see. The defense is always good and this offense made a few plays against them today, but other than that everything is going according to plan.

"We will try to keep ourselves away from this injury bug that has been hitting us a little bit.

"Michael Pitre is going to be fine. They drained some fluid from his knee and they don't think anything structurally is wrong. It is just one of those things that happen after an arthroscopic surgery.

"This is really only the first time he has had any extensive work since his surgery. He missed the spring. We anticipate him being back here shortly so we list Michael day to day.

"Shannon Tevaga has a little bit of a wrist injury that has been kind of plaguing him and he's had some shoulder problems, too, but we don't think those things are significant and treat the symptoms as they are right now and hopefully get him back on the field sometime soon here too.

"Chane Moline as you know as a wrist injury so he's splinted up too. We have to try and get him ready to play at sometime soon, but they think there might be a little bit of broken bone in there but we will see how that takes place here in the near future. Right now, he's not able to do anything. We don't want to put any contact on that wrist right now.

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