August 10, 2007

James hoping for headache-free season

Robert James' 2006 season got off to a rough start when he suffered an injury in fall camp, relegating him to second-team status. It was his desire to return to the starting lineup that led to a much worse situation.

"I worked out all last summer, ran 300 yard shuttles every day, come back, did good with the conditioning, then coming into Camp Tontozona I pulled my hamstring and I don't get back into it with the ones like I wanted," James said. "Then coming off the bench I'm doing good and I get a concussion.

"I didn't say anything about the concussion because I wasn't with the ones, I wasn't playing like I wanted to. So I kept on, but then the concussion finally gets to the point where I can't even play and I was done for the year. All of that was just real hard for me to take in."

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