August 10, 2007

DJK ready to play

Looking back, Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, or DJK as he is known by many fans, says last year's redshirt year served him well as he made the adjustment to playing wide receiver in college. Now, he looks forward to getting on the field and contributing whether it is at receiver, returner, or covering punts. The Ohio native talks about his progress and much more.

Q: First, can you talk about how the first year went for you?

DJK: The first year for me was obviously a learning experience, making the transition academically and learning to be independent. As far as the football aspect, I think that the redshirt year definitely served me well with making the transition from a different position. Now, I feel comfortable enough that I should be able contribute to help our team this year.

Q: The coaches have talked a lot about improving the special teams this year. Do you hope to get out there on special teams if you can this year?

DJK: Oh, definitely. Right now, that's definitely part of the game where I think I can help our team out. Right now, I'm looking at maybe playing some kickoff return and definitely contributing on punt. That's a part of the game I think everyone on our team would like to improve and I want to be a part of that.

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