July 9, 2007

UA stars take aim at school records

Alabama wide receiver DJ Hall posted the greatest receiving season in school history last year with 1,056 yards. He also set school records with his tenth career 100-yard game, consecutive 100-yard games with five, and seven 100-yard games in a single season. In 2007, Hall will have both single-season and career UA records in his reach. A look at the marks in Hall's crosshairs:

Current record holder: Freddie Milons (1998-2001)
Milons' mark: 65 (1999)
Hall's best yet: 62 (2006)
Outlook: Hall gets a break in this chase because Alabama did not include bowl game statistics in its record book until 2003. Milons actually made 69 catches if you include his Orange Bowl performance against Michigan, while Hall's final campaign will include any catches made in a bowl appearance. On the flipside, Hall won't be able to pad his total with as many screen passes as Milons pulled in, either.

Current record holder: Freddie Milons (1998-2001)
Milons' mark: 152
Hall to date: 127
Outlook: Bowl game discrepancy or not, this record is falling. Even if you give Milons the nine catches he made in three career bowl appearances, it would only be a matter of time for Hall to run this one down. As it stands, Hall needs 26 catches, and BOL predicts the senior to pass this milestone in his home state, vs. FSU in Jacksonville on Sept. 29.

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