May 22, 2007

Sandeman seeking one last state title

The clock on the senior year for Colin Sandeman is ticking and a state title win is hopefully in his future. After missing out on a state title win in football, Sandeman is gear up for a run at state in soccer for Bettendorf. Sandeman talks about his quest for a high school title, the benefit of soccer, plus when he will officially arrive in Iowa City and much more.

Q: What have you been doing since signing day? I would guess that soccer has been your primary focus.

SANDEMAN: Yeah, it has really been all soccer. I have been having a great time playing. I didn't play last year, but I did my first two years of high school. I have a lot of friends on the team, so it has been a lot of fun.

Q: Everyone seems to have opinions about soccer. What do you get out of playing the game?

SANDEMAN: It really gets me in shape. I didn't realize it until this year, but there is so much running in the sport that it really helps with my conditioning. I am in really good shape and that is probably the biggest thing it has given me. It has also really helped me with my footwork moving the ball with my feet. I think that area has really helped me a great deal.

Q: One thing that you are looking for is a state title in soccer and Bettendorf is a favorite right now. The state title eluded you in football and this is your final chance to bring home a state title.

SANDEMAN: Hopefully we will get the state title. That was one of the reasons that I went out, because I thought we had a shot at winning this year. Right now we are the top team in the state and we have pretty good team, but there are plenty of good teams out there. We will have to see how things go.

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