May 13, 2007

Family Matters: The McCourty and Malast brothers

With departing seniors leaving several openings on both sides of the ball, a new group of Scarlet Knights have begun a quest to prove that they are capable of filling those openings.

Kevin Malast and Devin McCourty are just a couple of the players that have already climbed their way to the top of the depth chart. The ascent has been gratifying on many levels, but perhaps most gratifying is the chance to play with - or in front of - their respective brothers.

For Malast, the season opener will be the first time that his brother Brian will watch him play as a Scarlet Knight. Brian, who was injured in a traffic accident a couple of years ago, was sidelined and unable to attend games as he underwent extensive rehabilitation. Brian may not have been in the stands, but he was never far from Malast's heart. Malast used his brother's journey as an inspiration throughout his short tenure at Rutgers.

"I'm becoming a lot more confident in myself," Malast attested. "I'm just playing rather than thinking. And my brother helped me become a better person by the way he's living. I'll be playing hard for him."

The opening game will also be special for twins Jason and Devin McCourty, who hope to make their first side-by-side start as Scarlet Knights.

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