April 21, 2007

Pittsburgh Jam Fest: Day One Notes

In our first day at the Pittsburgh Jam Fest we had the chance to take a good
luck at the two of the top Hoosier state forwards in the Class of 2008: Angel
of East Chicago Central and Jarrod Jones of Michigan City.

Their play last night seemed to reiterate what others have been
saying--Garcia is right now a much more developed prospect. Jones in a way is
where Angel was a year ago -- talented but often making wrong decisions on the
court. For Angel that was falling in love with launching his high arching
three pointers. For Jones the issue is passing decisions, where he takes
the ball, going for the block when he should hold his ground defensively (a
George Leach trait) and things along those lines.

We caught Jones first as he was playing for SYF Players. SYF is
struggling early here and lost again last night against a Team Carolina squad
that did not have any high profile players. SYF led most all the second half and
down the stretch but a couple turnovers and failed defensive stops led to an
overtime game and the northern Indiana team fell by one on that extra period,

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